Olive oil of superior category, obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures.

Aceite Titanita Edicion Limitada

Titania Extra Virgin Oil

Olfative Characteristics:

Titania Extra Virgin Oil has a green fruity (this year’s oil) and that will gradually become in ripe fruity. These olfactory characteristics are significant in healthy and fresh, green or ripe oil.

It emphasizes its apple aroma mainly and fruits ripe, itchy and bitter, although only a little. Its bitterness and itching are attributes of an oil in Fullness

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classification:

It is a parameter that can only be determined in a laboratory. The acidity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil It is not more than 0.8º. The oil cannot have any defect neither sensory nor analytical (Titania has 0.1º).

The Varieties:


Native variety of La Rioja.
With a score above 8.05 so They are oils classified as Extra Virgin for their quality Organoleptic.
Greenish yellowish colour.
Intense fruity and sweet almond flavour with light itching Aromas of apple and green almond.
High percentage of oleic acid 73%.


Native variety of La Rioja.
High content of oleic acid, 80%.
Greenish yellow colour with aroma of green fruits.
Medium fruity with a slight touch of bitterness and Itching in its fruity.


Native variety of La Rioja.
Intense fruity and almond flavours.
It is a high-end oil and 80% oleic acid.
Light spicy and sweet touches.


It is perceived with traces of intense fresh grass with slight nuances of fruity and a bitterness of great persistence. The olive oil resulting from this Olive variety has a great personality.


It is a sweet oil.
Pretty aromatic, giving fruity aromas, of banana, apple.
High percentage of oleic acid.