one stop on the road

The tireless search for the authentic led me to travel tirelessly, without being very clear about the destination.

After many kilometers traveled I stop along the way. A spectacular landscape, ancient vineyards and an imposing castle were waiting for me. He had found the golden mile, the Sonsierra.

I begin to mix with its people who breathe wine in every corner and I find a local person who transmits me that passion for a job well done and love for the Tempranillo variety.

Without realizing it but with the clear ideas the “Witch” or “Brujo” Wines project was already underway.

With a professional in the team and a roadmap that will define the work for the present and the future, giving especially importance to the past, begins “Witch” or “Brujo” Wines.

Using criteria of elaboration, and treatment of vineyards, personal relationships and friendship with our clients as it was done in the mid-twentieth century, ignoring modern technology, laboratory wines and relationships so impersonal that the new times dictate.

The important thing about this trip is the people, we neither want nor believe in numbers, nor promises, nor goals, nor climb higher than the mountains that protect us, we just want to enjoy a fascinating trip, with a good glass of wine, and let the senses take care of the rest, We put TITANIA and its magic…