Titanita Edicion Limitada

Titania Red Wine
Limited Edition

  • image/svg+xml This red wine 100% from the Tempranillo variety has been elaborated in our winery in San Vicente de la Sonsierra in Rioja Alta.
  • image/svg+xml The Tempranillo grapes are the most characteristic variety in the area of the “Sonsierra Riojana” and best adapted due to the peculiar characteristics of both soil and climate in such a privileged area due to the confluence of both Atlantic and Mediterranean climates, caused by:
    The existence into the north of the mountain range called “Sierra Cantabria” and into the south by the Ebro river valley A combination of poor calcareous clay and gravel soils perfect for the cultivation of Tempranillo, obtaining very small productions with the highest quality.
  • image/svg+xml Titania red is a wine obtained from vineyards over 50 years old, and the strains are already "mature", meaning they know how to self-regulate, to defend themselves from water stress and lack of nutrients, producing small bunches with a large amount of sugar and phenolic concentration.
  • image/svg+xml Despite being a wine with almost 14% alcohol, it is a silky wine, with a powerful structure on the palate and friendly tannin that leaves an impressive fruit flavour balanced with touches of coconut and coffee from the American oak, and touches of vanilla, nuts and balsamic from French oak
  • image/svg+xml Made in stainless steel tanks with a controlled fermentation for 15 days, in addition to another 10 days of maceration, later it remains for 2 months in direct contact with the concrete for the malolactic fermentation, getting a better stability of its structure, and a higher colour and aromas concentration.
  • image/svg+xml After this process, it remains for 10 months in our special new mixed barrels, this means that they are used for the first time, and each one has 50% American oak and 50% French oak. In this way, the wine during this time acquires the advantages of each type of wood, avoiding having to make mixtures that would degrade the wine once the aging process is finished.
  • image/svg+xml After the barrel time, it has remained at least 6 months in our facilities finishing the process of aromatic fusion and refining in the bottle. It is not a “Crianza”, it is not a “Reserve”, it is not a “Great reserve”, it is simply an author wine made our way, as a winemaker, to enjoy it in its fullness. It is the wine we like.
  • image/svg+xml We recommend to enjoy the wine at temperature of 12-14 degrees with red meats, hunt and stews that help us to enhance the pleasant sensations that Titania transmits to us. Titania allows us to enjoy the typicality, fruitiness, excellence and above all exclusivity of the “Sonsierra” in a glass of wine.