Wines without technology or oenology

In Brujo Wines we love tempranillo grapes, red and white, so we fully respect the qualities of this iconic variety in our region, and especially representative of the Sonsierra, northwest of La Rioja.

With a micro-climate and very peculiar calcareous clay soils and suitable for our old tempranillos vineyards


The minimum human intervention

The magical balance between the soil, the climate, the Tempranillo native variety and our commitment to the minimum intervention both in the vineyard and in the wines, make Titania, a selection of exclusive wines with a lot of personality and character that forgets stereotypes and fashions A wine without technology or oenology.

The purity of tempranillo. A banner of this variety in the most demanding markets and at the same time a delight for lovers of pure and personality wines.

At 600m. of altitude

- Our vineyards -

Our vineyards are located at an average height of 600 meters, in the towns of San Vicente de la Sonsierra and Peciña.
They are harvested by hand, slightly later than the average in the area, and we transport the grapes quickly in small trailers so as not to damage the grapes.

- Titania Rosé Wine -

An instant bleeding of the tempranillo red grapes, obtaining a must before the very fresh and aromatic fermentation, and extracting very little coloring matter. Obtaining at the end of the process a very pale pink in a completely natural way, again avoiding the use of any laboratory product to adjust the color.

- Titania Red & White Wine -

The wines rest a prudential time in barrels specially designed by our winemaker, they are the so-called mixed barrels, with a certain proportion each one, depending on each vintage, of French oak and American oak, and different combinations of toasts, so that TITANIA is exclusive and incomparable to any other wine.

The total absence of laboratory yeasts in the fermentation of all our wines, allows the native yeasts of the Sonsierra to carry out their work spontaneously, slowly and effectively, making that “terroir of the Sonsierra”, so prestigious, something that good It can be compared with the accent that a person from a given region can have and that makes him easily identifiable

Wines without technology or oenology

A few months in the bottle will determine the excellence of Titania, and it will be the moment of its commercialization, that’s why when a glass of TITANIA Withe, TITANIA Rosé or TITANIA Red is on your table, it means that we are ready to start a trip to enjoy and stimulate our senses.