Titanita Rosado Edicion Limitada

Titania Rosé Wine
Limited Edition

  • image/svg+xml Titania Rosé 100% from the Tempranillo variety has been elaborated in our winery in San Vicente de la Sonsierra in Rioja Alta.
  • image/svg+xml The Tempranillo grapes are the most characteristic variety in the area of the “Sonsierra Riojana” and best adapted due to the peculiar characteristics of both soil and climate in such a privileged area due to the confluence of both Atlantic and Mediterranean climates, caused by: The existence into the north of the mountain range called “Sierra Cantabria” and into the south the Ebro river valley. A combination of poor calcareous clay and gravel soils perfect for the cultivation of Tempranillo, obtaining very small productions with the highest quality.
  • image/svg+xml Titania Rosé is a wine obtained from vineyards over 50 years old, and the strains are already "mature", meaning they know how to self-regulate, to defend themselves from water stress and lack of nutrients, producing small bunches with a large amount of sugar and phenolic concentration.
    Titania Rosé is obtained through a process called "bleeding" of Tempranillo grapes that later will be used to make our Titania red. When the grapes arrive at the winery, the must is extracted as soon as it enters the tanks, separating it from the skins in order not to obtain too much colour, resulting in that pale pink shade of onion skin and maintaining the aromatic freshness so much valued in this type of preparation.
  • image/svg+xml Once in the tank it begins the fermentation in a totally spontaneous way, during 25 days and at a temperature of 12 degrees the sugar is transformed into alcohol, maintaining the acidity and the high pH, so that the sensation in mouth is totally balanced and freshness.
  • Once finished the fermentation remains in the concrete tanks for 4 months prior to bottling to obtain a stable wine in a completely natural way. At the end of the process we have an aromatic rosé wine, floral aroma and a very fine semi-sparkling to finish a very tasty set, with light syrupy touches, peach and sweetness sensation, being totally dry.
  • image/svg+xml We recommend to drink the wine at a temperature of 6-8 degrees with appetizers, light starters, rice, fresh pasta and fish, to take pleasure the sensations suggested by Titania Rosé.
    Titania Rosado allows us to enjoy the typicality, fruitiness, excellence and above all exclusivity of the Sonsierra in a glass of wine.